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Child's play: Preschool offers kids a chance to learn while having fun!

By Molly Bennett
Deseret News
Published: Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2008

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Nestled in a quiet Kaysville neighborhood there is a little red brick house with a white picket fence where children go for reading, writing and 'rithmetic.

"It really isn't a June Cleaver thing," said Heather Peel, who laughed after describing her house.

In her basement, Peel has a room full of school supplies, toys, dress-ups, children's drawings framed on the wall, a miniature table with chairs and, of course, the alphabet border across the top of the wall.


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"This preschool is so wonderful!!! Our daughter loved everything about it: The classroom, the cooking experiments, the outdoor play, the arts and crafts, the special visitors, the walking fieldtrips, she learned so much and truly changed from the beginning of the year to the end, etc. but mostly she loved Mrs. Heather. I would recommend this pre-school to everyone. (That is, if they can get in) I need to get my 2 month old on a waiting list. Thanks for providing our children a positive place in which to learn."

- Emily Brown

"My experience with The Little Brick Schoolhouse has exceeded my expectations! Max was a very nervous little boy at the beginning of the school year. Miss Heather showed the ability to comfort & distract him like a true Mother. The curriculum was outstanding, my son loves learning through active & tangible activities. Max is so excited to run through the door when he get's home, little red schoolbag in hand, and show me all of the things he's done. I am so impressed with how ready my son is for Kindergarten, the year is only half over and his self confidence in social and scholastic situations continues to soar! This is the second child I've put through this school and I would definitely refer friends and family with confidence."

Max reports: "I used to be shy and at first I was scared but then I got braver. I love school really, really much. We have fun at school together, we get turns and then it's the other one's turn. My teacher is really, really nice."

"Thank you Heather, for the edge our children need to start their education with enthusiasm!"

- Amy Cheney

"My daughter's experience at Miss Heather's pre-school has been wonderful. As a parent it is so important for your child to love going to pre-school for many reasons one being money. It is not fun to pay to drag your child somewhere he/she does not want to go. This is not the case at Little Brick Schoolhouse. The atmosphere is quaint and clean. Miss Heather and Miss Jodie are equally excited and prepared. And on top of it all my daughter is actually learning! I have no regrets this pre-school is worth every penny."

- Melanie Carr

"At our house, we refer to the Little Brick Schoolhouse as 'Dreamland'. Everything about the school from the house to the yard, the classroom to Miss Heather, etc. is perfect! This is the type of place that makes me happy to live in small town Kaysville! I knew that the children were in capable hands everyday and I loved that my little one had the opportunity to do so many fun things! Thankyou for making the children so happy, teaching them so well, and giving the parents a 'dreamland' to send them to."

"P.S. My Kindergartener is already reading in the Accelerated Reading program and I must place some due credit to the amazing curriculum of The Little Brick Schoolhouse!"

- The Kennington Family