Laying the FOUNDATION for Academic Success

Little Brick Schoolhouse

Little Brick Schoolhouse is just that...A little brick house nestled in a quiet neighborhood of Kaysville. Located 2 blocks east of Main Street- we are easy to access. A bright and cheery classroom awaits your little one, as well as a fully fenced yard with play equipment.

Little Brick Schoolhouse is a pre-kindergarten preschool that offers learning using sensory based retention. A preschool child uses more of the five senses for learning than at any other time. Retention is best achieved when multiple senses are used for learning. Activities that focus on using sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell are integrated into every concept taught.

Little Brick Schoolhouse Preschool uses the Sensory Teaching Readiness Curriculum. This early childhood educational program has been designed to meet national standards for early childhood curriculum, and is approved by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs.

Learning is explored through phonemics awareness, writing, pre-math, games, music and movement, arts and crafts, dramatic play, stories, discovery centers and so much more! The child leaves our program with the confidence to move forward, and with strong listening skills which are essential to success in education.

Class sizes are kept small allowing children the individual attention they need, as well as the peer interaction that is critical for their social development. A variety of class room activities help foster a close relationship among peers, and establish a class that parents have stated, "feels like a family."

A few of the year's highlights include: walking field trips to the close Kaysville Fire Station and Library, special visitors like "The Grinch", constructing gingerbread houses, a Mother's Day Luncheon, Halloween and end of year program, Manners Tea Party and many more memorable experiences.